Q & A Russell 2018

Fanseite Geburtstagsspecial


“Well done and congratulations on running it for 10 years.“









Who are Your biggest influences?

Russell: My Mum and Dad. Musically, REM, Depeche Mode, Spiritualized, Nirvana.

What is Your favorite album (non Editors)?

Russell: Automatic for the People. REM.

What was Your favorite band as teenager?

Russell: Nirvana

What did You want to be when You grow up?

Russell: Weirdly, a customs officer.

How did You meet?

Russell: I met Tom and Ed at university. I met Elliott through his first band, Airship and Justin was sent to us by Flood as he’d had enough of him.

What do You think, when You see always the same faces in frontrow?

Russell: Dedication. Absolute dedication.

What`s the craziest thing that`s ever happened on tour?

Russell: Ed once partied with Bam Margera for 2 days straight. . . that was pretty crazy- don’t think he remembers much of it.

If You could be an animal, what animal would You be and why?

Russell: An eagle. Flying high in the sky. Rare as can be.

What do you do together before You come out for a show?

Russell: We have a few drinks together, listen to some music and get ready to rock.











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